Our Process



Timing: 1 Month

At SVA, we streamline the process of veterinary business transactions. From gathering operating and financial data to preparing EBITDA adjustments, crafting compelling marketing materials, and developing a robust practice investment thesis, we handle it all with precision and expertise. Trust us to optimize every aspect of your veterinary business journey, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction experience.



Timing: 1 Month

We take proactive steps to connect your veterinary business with potential consolidators, ensuring maximum exposure in the market. We promptly address inquiries and additional data requests, providing thorough responses to interested parties. We facilitate informational meetings, fostering productive discussions and building valuable connections for your practice. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of consolidation with ease and confidence.


Bidding Rounds

Timing: 1-2 Months

We guide your veterinary business through a meticulous bidding process, narrowing down contenders to the final bidder across three pivotal rounds of negotiation. In these stages, we often witness the remaining two bidders escalating valuation increases, demonstrating their commitment to acquiring your practice. With our expertise, we skillfully negotiate crucial terms such as Letters of Intent (LOI), employment agreements, and lease terms, ensuring favorable outcomes that align with your objectives.



Timing: 2-3 Months

Our role doesn’t end with the deal in sight. We handle the crucial final stages with precision and expertise. From managing last-minute due diligence requests to negotiating the intricate details of closing documents including the purchase agreement, employment agreement, and lease, we ensure every aspect is meticulously addressed. 

An efficient auction process maximizes valuation multiple

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